Fear death

The animal peers over the brim of time.
In a supple arch, its paw searches
The visionary lake.
I jeer it off,
The beastly thing won’t have its way,
Not on my watch.

And I know the virgin thinks it tamed,
But I won’t heed her silly call.
The ghostly love within her soul
Will have us eaten after all.

So I keep it eerie, dry and in control
And strangely, it’s what I’ve come to fear the most.


I sobbed and I loved,
And both felt real to me
If I sobbed as I loved.
For small winds aggrieve me more than any long, swelling stride.
Something about reminiscing,
Maybe I should take its side.
Pull and drain till the bath is full again,
Of dreams and conditions under which I could, after all be.

Poetry makes a fool of me.

A reek by the fountain where I wish.
On my back I toss a coin and make it spin.
I make it reach the famed country of the missed, to then hurry back –
I turn round for the hireling splash.

Is that it, can it be?
Has the effort bought me any glee?
Am I yet where I so need be?

Poetry, will you make good use of me?