Years of silence how much I need you now,
Years of joy how much I never had you.
In years long gone, forever to be lived
Never was I happy, never was I not.

But trays of silica walk in at all times,
Without explaining the meaning that lies
Beyond their components –
Which happen to rain in me,
Like silver and screams,
Or a silence that sings
In my ears –

It clinks.
It clinks and it clinks.
It will clink for more years
To come.
Till death burns the son
That brought me to life
The same day that I died.

I shall live in hell,
Or else he will, he’ll bring me the tears that I never had,
That I never will.
Cursed be the child, ablaze as the sun –
Right from within, wrong from without.
Cursed be the child, that slashed me in half,
That waited no more for my tinges of bore.
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

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