I zoom out then I zoom in,
I have found an extra life within.
Stop the tide with my own will,
I’m torn between the two, God forbid.

I am both, and I am none,
I have witnessed ten thousand suns,
As the tipsy tip of the tongue,
I experience the world as


day the tide of life might flow my way once more
But for now I’m standing inverse.
With cold legs,
The lack of blood brings a light that is black,
So that nothing looks familiar.

Tadpole flapping backwards,
I’m not doing justice to evolution,

I know that

The weight is heavy,
So the tree may fight the sighs of the city.
The weight is heavy,
For the tree digs a tunnel beneath it.

Destiny’s Child

The snow was creasing my sadness even further,
Its edges got sharper with each flake,
To the point where I was wearing it
As the proper bride I knew I’d be.
And at once the world was smaller and bigger,
Unhinged but voluptuous as ever.
Fertility shot my sadness in the face,
And with the recoil they both fell and shattered.
The world was made anew, and so was I.
Or hoped to be,
For I knew this poem wouldn’t be finished differently.


I too see women with red pitchers running down the banks of The Nile.
One thousand years penance, three hundred strokes and three million psalms.
Poverty, chastity, obedience, I’ve taken all the vows.
I’ve sewn, bit by bit, the chain mail I wear as gown.
I reckon I bowed to put it on,
Pushed Dominic away, I’m taking charge now.
He kisses the nape of my neck, with a relief unknown to the only man.
And I kiss his mouth, to tell him in secret that I exist lingering inside himself.